Delegation . . . this is a term that will save the sanity of  all brides, as well as help their productivity during wedding planning and pulling off a successful wedding day!

Remember, weddings are a day for you to share a special life moment with family and friends that love you. Therefore, a few family members or close friends would love to help you with tasks during the wedding planning process, as well as help on your wedding day.

Here are a few areas that you can unload off of your task load:

Invitation Assembly:

Alone, this task is monotonous and can become more time-consuming than you may have first anticipated. Gather a group of friends, have a movie night, TV marathon, or put on some music, and in no time, the invites will be signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered!

RSVP Tracking:

After invitations are sent out, RSVPs will begin rolling in. You will start calculating the number of those attending, and if you’ve offered meal choices, you’ll have to keep track of the guest’s selection and the possibility of dietary requirements. Enlist a tech-savvy friend’s help to track the RSVPs in an excel spreadsheet or on an app.

Wedding Favors:

Are you looking to make DIY wedding favors? First, check out our Pinterest page with a variety of wedding favor ideas, along with other wedding day planning ideas to get your creative juices going! But, back to delegation . . . delegate the wedding favors. Invest the help of your crafty Aunt or close family friend, and give them the wedding favor idea, and have them craft them together. Or, like the invitations, gather together some of your crafty family members or friends, and make an evening of assembling wedding favors.

Transporting Gifts:

Ask some trusted young men to be in charge of gift transportation. Instruct them on when to load the gifts and which vehicle to load the gifts into. With a few young men, a task that could initially be exhausting will be done quickly. This is a true case of “many hands make light work.”

Share Your Appreciation

Make sure to show your appreciation! A thank you gift to those who have been vital helpers will show how much you’ve appreciated their time and efforts.

There is a multitude of tasks when it comes to wedding planning. Create a timeline, and tackle each checklist item one at a time. Keep remembering the word delegation — it should become your favorite word. Involve your family, friends, cousins, or aunts, and make it a team effort!

If you are looking for wedding checklists to help keep you organized, check out our resource page filled with all the lists you need to get you organized and on the right path. Click here.

However, remember the most significant task as the bride, is to soak in the moments of the day. This also applies to the groom, the bride’s and groom’s parents, and other immediate family members. This is a day to remember and smile, not a day to look back on and wish that it wasn’t so tiring. Delegate — and if that means hiring a wedding coordinator or planner, that may be an expense that, in the end, will prove to be invaluable.