Your wedding photos last through the generations. I love looking through both my parent’s and grandparent’s wedding photos and hearing them reminisce about their big day. Pictures are where all the memories are stored. Unfortunately, couples have had horror stories when it comes to their wedding photographers … and we don’t want that to happen to you! Here are some tips that may help you have a successful experience capturing photos of your special day.

Communication is critical, and know what you want: There are several different styles of photography. Photographers will blend several of the techniques, and it is vital to understand what you want. Do you want more portraits, black & white images, lifestyle photos, or artistic pictures? It is imperative to communicate your style to your photographer.

Some friends of mine got married a few years ago, and they learned the lesson of communication the hard way. The photographers they hired had labeled themselves as a “creative team” that thinks outside the box. After the wedding, when viewing their wedding pictures, my friends were shocked to see that every picture was taken with a “fishbowl” lens. This is where communications could have been the solution. In this situation, the photographer should have been more precise on what “thinking outside the box” meant. However, by communicating your style beforehand, tons of frustration could have been eliminated. If you are unsure of the style of photography you desire or don’t know the different style options, click here to view an article by The Knot that helps explain photography styles.

What Questions to Ask Your Photographer?

  • What does their photography package include? How many hours does the package provide? Check to see if prints and proofs are provided in your package deal. Along with this, check to see how many hours the package offers. You don’t want to be left surprised if they charge you for overtime costs.
  • Are all photos taken included in the package, or do I have to order each photo that I want? Each photographer is different. For my brother’s wedding, their photographer gave them a thumb drive of every picture taken. However, for other photographers, they may direct you to their website’s online gallery where you order prints. Along with this, ask them to show you the full album of your wedding. Sometimes photographers will only show you the collection of their best images, but I would want to see every part of the wedding from start to finish.
  • How many photographers will be shooting the wedding? If you are sick, will you have a backup photographer? First, ask if there will be additional photographers or assistants. Multiple shooters can cover more ground, but check to see if an assistant shooter is an additional charge. Along with this, if the photographer you are hiring is solo, double-check with them to make sure they have a colleague that can fill in in case of sickness or an emergency.

We don’t want horror stories when it comes to your wedding, and I hope that these tips will help you with your wedding photography experience!

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