I genuinely love looking through photos! Memories last a lifetime, and pictures open the door to those memories. Your wedding day is packed full of these special lifelong memories. Professional images will capture the incredible beauty and life of your wedding, but the pictures that can slip through the cracks are those that are taken by your guests. Guest photos are equally as important as professional images. But there lies a problem, how do you collect those pictures? No worries, I’ve provided some options below to help you!


With today’s social media, the simplest mode of sharing photographs is through the use of Hashtags. First, create your specific Hashtag, such as #MrandMrsSmith. Wedding Wire offers a Hashtag generator to design your unique tag, click here for more information. Then, inform your guests of the Hashtag. Include it on the Save the Date or Invitation, and place signage at your wedding with the Hashtag as a reminder. The Hashtags will allow you to easily save photos with the tag, specifically ones on Instagram and Facebook.

The Guest

If you don’t want to deal with Hashtags and saving images from social media, The Guest is a photo-sharing app where photos and videos instantly upload to your Guest Event Album.

How does it work? You will share a personalized link of a free app download to your guests. You will have to pay $97 to create an event. The Guest will notify your guests that the event is starting. Photos and videos taken from any regular iPhone or Android camera will instantly upload to your Guest Gallery. Users can turn off or pause sharing at any time. Typically, couples will receive between 80 to 1,000 photos. If you are interested in using The Guest for your photo sharing and have questions, refer to their Frequently Asked Questions page.


With the Ceremony free app, guests can take photos and then choose which ones they desire to upload to the Ceremony gallery. Or, there is a camera within the Ceremony app that will instantly upload all photos taken. The basic app is free, but upgrade options are available. With the $20 “Unlock Your Event” package, all guests can experience the Pro package, and every user will have unlimited access to all high-resolution photos and videos.

With photo-sharing capabilities, the app includes scheduling amenities, such as dates, locations, maps, and RSVPs. Along with this, the Ceremony’s messaging feature allows you to send out notifications to all of your guests.


WedBox offers incredible wedding planning options, such as budgeting, guest lists, a customized wedding checklist, and a photo app. For the photo app, you create your unique wedding ID, share that ID to your guests, and then guests share their photos and videos to the app’s gallery. A feature included with the app is the option to click and download all images onto your computer directly. The standard option is free of charge, but they also offer packages for a fee that allows you to download everything in the original quality.

Congratulations and blessing on your future marriage. At our Molto Bella Wedding & Event Venue, we love witnessing incredible memories being made. I hope these tips will assist you in gathering endless memories and photos from your wedding day to last a lifetime.

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