It is an understatement to say that there are tons of details when it comes to your wedding day, big and small! Flowers, table pieces, food, music, dress attire, desserts, party favors, and more!

After marking off the details leading up to the wedding, don’t forget about the small items that can often be forgotten on your wedding day. To help you out, I’ve made a list for you to print to use while packing for your big day.

Bride Emergency Kit

A bride emergency kit is necessary for your big day, and this kit can be used by both the bride and bridesmaids.

Here are some items that you may want to have packed:

Beauty: Lip gloss, chapstick, makeup, makeup remover, Q-tips, blotting paper, tweezers, nail polish color, topcoat, nail file

Body: Perfume, deodorant, tampons and pads, baby powder to absorb extra moisture, lotion, razor (in case of missed spots)

Hair: Bobby pins, hair comb, hair ties, hair spray, mirror

Mouth: Mints, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss

Medical: Personal medication, pain-killers, mini first-aid kit, Pepto-Bismol, eye drops, allergy medication

Food & Drink: Granola Bars, water bottles, straws to keep lipstick intact

Attire: Quality safety pins, hem tape, small sewing kit with thread and needle, Tide-to-Go, wrinkle spray, lint roller, stain remover pen, white chalk to cover a picky stain, super glue to fix accessories, lighter for frayed fabric, nail clippers for small threads, extra shoes

Extras: Sunscreen and bug spray if weddings are outside or pictures are outside, phone chargers, tissues, umbrella

This kit will be over-flowing with items, but you will want to be over-prepared, rather than stressed-out and under-prepared.

Additional Items

These items don’t necessarily fall under one particular category; however, these additional items will be used through the evening, and can often be forgotten:

  • Copies of your wedding timeline for your wedding party and family
  • Corkscrew for wine and champagne
  • Cake knife and server
  • Containers for left-over food that you will be saving
  • Vendor contact information
  • Cash and envelopes for tips for DJ, band, etc.
  • Final payments in envelopes for each person needing to be paid at the end of the night
  • Cash and IDs for a possible after party
  • Overnight bag (toiletries, outfit for next morning brunch, PJs, etc.)

Story Time

While this story doesn’t fall directly in line with our topic, the overnight bag reminded me of a cute story I recently heard.

A close friend of mine had her overnight bag in the trunk of her relative’s car. However, also in that trunk, were her relative’s bags. Near the closing of the wedding festivities, she had asked a family member to transfer her bag to the groom’s car. By mistake, they grabbed her Aunt Joy’s bag! When the bride and groom arrived at the hotel later that evening, they discovered the mix-up. At that point, it was too late to correct the blunder, so they had to roll with it. The next morning, her Uncle, who was a joker, came up to her laughing, and thanked her, because he and Aunt Joy had a nice night with the sexy nightgown!

So, if you get anything out of this article, it is to remember the little things, and to make sure you grab the right overnight bag!

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