Brides spend months, sometimes years, planning their weddings and the day finally arrives. Many brides book only one day at their venue and try to get everything done in a few short hours. For some brides, the stress can become overbearing.

Their most common feelings:

“The day went by so incredibly fast!!”

“It started smoothly and then everything sped up to a frantic pace.”

“I had to depend on others to make decisions for me, but their decisions weren’t always what I wanted.”

“I wish I would have had more time to enjoy my special day.”

“I had a great time in the bridal room with my bridesmaids, sisters and other special friends. I would have loved to have spent more time on that part of the day.”

“I didn’t have enough time for my hair and makeup- it was all rushed.”

“The people I hired did not have my vision or could not roll with unforeseeable last-minute changes. I wanted an outdoor wedding, but the weather changed, and the time schedule became even more hectic as we had to go to a less than ideal backup plan. Items that were not needed for the original plan were not on hand for the backup plan.”

“Friends stopped by to chit chat. I wanted to be polite and visit, but I was under too much pressure to stop and take a break.”

“We didn’t get to rehearse but thought we could ad-lib.”

“I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so worried about everything that I might forget or not have enough time to get done. I started the day tired and nervous, sometimes feeling like I was moving toward the dreaded Bridezilla status instead of the easy-going bride I knew I really was.”

“I was afraid my guests would arrive before everything was ready.”

“We had to change everything at the last minute because of the weather. Our backup plan had not been completely thought out.”

“My mother and/or mother-in-law were such a big help. I wish they could have had more time to relax and enjoy this special day.”

“I spent so much money for the day of my dreams,
yet I barely remember anything.”

Molto Bella Weddings and Events has a special discounted two-day package – Friday and Saturday – both days providing unlimited access to the venue and help from the staff.

Imagine this scenario:

It’s early Friday morning and time to prepare for the wedding. Instead of feeling rushed, there is a fun atmosphere with a relaxed pace. Lots of smiles and laughing!

We want an outdoor wedding and now we can get a better feel for the weather. But just in case, we have a great backup plan and we know our guests will be comfortable whether the event is outdoors or indoors.

The staff is friendly and helpful, setting up for the event exactly as we want it. They are there to help us all day. (And, if we need them to, they will move the setup from outdoors to indoors or indoors to outdoors.)

It’s nice to come in Friday and setup/decorate, because we have a chance to pick up items that might have been forgotten and not be pressured by last minute errands. Wedding planners, coordinators, vendors, etc. can come in early to set up, thus providing a chance to run through important checklists one more time.

We want our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night to be at the venue. This makes for a more relaxing weekend and more time to spend with our wedding party and family. We play music, give toasts and have fun. The staff is great and cleans up as we continue getting ready for the big day.
We all have a good night’s sleep with nothing to keep us awake other than the excitement of the big day.

Saturday is more leisurely. I want to go out for breakfast/brunch with my ladies. Some are from out of town. We arrive at the venue at our own pace.

The week before, I had a practice run with my hair stylist and makeup specialist. I told them that the other ladies had opted out but be prepared just in case they changed their minds the morning of the wedding, and some did.

Now we have plenty of time. Everything has been taken care of or reviewed the day before. I look forward to pictures today, knowing I am going to be rested and looking beautiful! I am the easy-going bride having a wonderful special day and enjoying every minute of it.

We have close friends and family drop by throughout the day. Someone brings lunch. We have a great time in the bridal room – my bridesmaids, sisters and special friends. Great memories are in the making.

Everything is ready before the guests arrive.

My mother and/or mother-in-law were such a big help. I’m glad they have time to relax and enjoy this special day.

The ceremony is perfect. Everyone knows their cues and exactly what to do.

The reception is gorgeous.

The food is delicious.

The music has us dancing all night long.

Was it worth spending a little more for the 2-day package? YES!

We had a wonderful and relatively stress-free weekend. We enjoyed our wedding. Our photos preserved the events of the day, but we also have wonderful memories preserved in our hearts.

A wedding is expensive, no matter the budget.

It’s a shame to spend the money it takes to realize your beautiful wedding,
and everything be a blur.