I love the saying, ‘many hands make light work.’ That approach to event planning rings loud and clear, especially when it comes to your wedding day! With your wedding day drawing near, there are jobs on your wedding day that you will be filling with friends and family. While there are traditional roles, such as bridesmaids, ushers, and flower girls, there are also optional jobs that you may want to fill to make your day run without a hitch. You may find that there are jobs that are a perfect fit for your family members, such as your Aunt Judy or your cousin Lucy.

Traditional Roles

Choosing your wedding party is a necessary process. Traditional roles include Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, the Maid of Honor, Best Man, Usher, Officiant, Flower Girl, and Ring Bearer.

Typically, your wedding party, such as the bridesmaids and groomsmen, consists of sisters, brothers, and close family members.

Less Well-Known Roles

There are also less well-known roles that may be perfect for your wedding. Here is a list of a few, and what roles they will play:

Pages or Train Bearers: This role is a traditional position but has lost popularity over the years. A page is a young boy, or girl, who carries the bride’s wedding gown train down the aisle, or they escort the bride down the aisle. Therefore, if you have an extra-long wedding train, or if you’re wanting to mimic Princess Diana’s look, having a Train Bearer could be helpful.

Personal Attendant: A personal attendant is someone that will be at the bride’s side all day, they will make sure the bride is happy, and they are someone that makes sure the wedding timeline is on schedule. The role is geared towards someone that is really organized and who will be on top of things. If you have a friend or family member that didn’t make the list to become a bridesmaid, and they are organized, this may be the perfect role for them. A personal attendant will give you the perks of a wedding planner.

Host and Hostess: The host and hostess welcome guests as they arrive, and they help out where-ever they are needed. Duties include making sure guests sign the book, letting guests know where to sit, showing guests where the gift table is located, or letting tables know when it’s their turn for the buffet. This position is often filled by organized and outgoing close friends or relatives.

Passage Reader: During the ceremony, you can include a family member that wasn’t included in the bridal party to read a passage. This passage can be a poem, verse from the Bible, a famous quote, or even comedy. It is a selection that connects with the couple.

Favor Distributor: Have a detail-oriented friend or family member arrange and distribute your wedding favors. You can have them set up a table before the reception or have them hand them out to guests as they depart.

If you’re worried about including a family member, or friend at your wedding, these options may be perfect, and hopefully, these roles can also help remove stress and extra duties off your plate. So don’t worry, with these jobs, you can even find a spot for Aunt Judy and cousin Lucy!

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