I love learning about wedding traditions and the history behind them. A superstition that you have likely heard before is, “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” Where does that superstition/tradition stem originate?

History Behind the Tradition

The tradition originated when arranged marriages were common occurrences. The bride’s father used arranged marriages as business deals between families. By marrying off their daughter to a richer man, they, in turn, would gain financial stability.

But why couldn’t the bride and groom see each other before the wedding? Since the arranged marriages were business deals, and the father wanted to gain financial stability, he couldn’t risk the marriage not going through. Therefore, the father was naturally worried that the groom might find the bride to be unattractive. As a result, there would be the risk of the groom calling off the wedding, which would disgrace the bride and her family. Surprisingly, the veil also falls into the tradition. The bride’s face would be covered until the last moment, and after “I do,” the groom could finally lay eyes on his now-wife.

The Tradition Today

Today, not seeing the bride before the wedding no longer stems from the father being worried about their business deal falling through. Instead, couples can now use the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony as a way to make the walk down the aisle special and full of anticipation.

In recent years, that tradition is starting to become less popular. In some cultures and religions, couples often meet before the wedding for rituals, such as garland ceremonies or tea ceremonies. If you choose not to follow the tradition and instead elect to see each other before the ceremony, there is still a way to create a special moment.

“First Look”

The “First Look” lets the couple see each other before the ceremony and have a chance to take in the details of each other fully. This is a staged private meeting that is documented by your photographer. You can see each other all dressed up, cry, laugh, and talk about the big day.

Many couples had said that having a “First Look” before the ceremony helped them feel more relaxed and calmed them for the event. Other perks that come with having a “First Look” include having pictures before the wedding, which will help you have more time at your reception. Along with this, by having the pictures before, you can visit an alternate location for photos other than the ceremony and reception venue.

Either path you take will give you a special moment. Whether you follow the tradition, and the first time you see each other that day is when you are walking down the aisle, or you set time aside before the ceremony for one-on-one time, it will be a memory you will never forget!

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