When planning a wedding, hiring a wedding photographer is an important decision. Your wedding photos will be the lasting memento of your special day and should reflect your style and personality. There are many factors to consider when choosing a photographer, such as their experience, portfolio, rates, availability, equipment used, and customer service.

  1. Word of Mouth: The best way to start your search is by asking family and friends for recommendations. You can also explore online portfolios of potential photographers to better understand their work styles. 
  2. Meet in Person. Schedule interviews with several photographers to get a feel for each one’s personality and approach. It is essential to choose someone who has the skill set and fits your budget and your personal taste.
  3. Look at Their Style:  Professional photographers usually specialize in a particular style. Some prefer capturing candid moments, while others focus more on formal posed shots. Consider which type of photography you would like for your wedding and look for a photographer with that expertise. “You definitely want to love their work and not just the work you see on their Instagram and website . . . Ask to see full wedding galleries so you know exactly what to expect from your own” (TheKnot).
  4. Package Options: Most photographers have packages that include the number of hours they will shoot, the number of prints included, and other options such as video or album creation services. Carefully read over any package offerings to know what you are getting when hiring a photographer. Discuss payment plans, deposits, overtime fees, and other pricing-related issues.
  5. Discuss Delivery of Photos. Discuss how long it will take to get the pictures after the wedding, if they offer digital copies or prints, etc. You should also ensure the photographer’s contract outlines everything you agreed upon, including delivery dates for your wedding photos.

Good luck on your wedding planning journey! Ultimately, the best way to find a photographer is by researching and asking many questions. It is crucial to build a trusting relationship with your wedding photographer. Create an atmosphere of open communication and exchange of ideas so that they can best capture the spirit of your day and tell your love story through beautiful photographs. 

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