The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Band or DJ

Think about the best time you ever had at a wedding. The music sets the tone of the ceremony and can make or break the party at the reception. What suits your taste- a live band or a DJ? An exceptional DJ is better than hiring an “okay” band. A great live band brings excitement and energy but may have a limited repertoire. What is your budget? How much space does your venue have? Do your research on the pros and cons of a live band vs. a DJ. Often, a band is preferred if the guest list is mostly over the age of 40 or if most of the guests don’t dance, while the younger generation will lean more toward a DJ. Getting your guests to interact on the dance floor will bring excitement, fun, and lasting memories of your celebration. Your music should not be the place you cut corners.

  1. Ask for referrals from other wedding couples.
  2. Meet the DJ or band to gauge their personality and style and how it meshes with your visions.
  3. Make sure the DJ or bandleader can read your crowd and make spontaneous changes to keep the dance floor full and everyone happy.
  4. Look for a DJ or bandleader who can emcee and help announce special moments such as special dances, cake cutting, and toasts.
  5. The entertainers you select should have their own strengths as well as being open to your ideas and input.
  6. Make a do and a don’t playlist.
  7. Ask if the DJ or band will take song requests.
  8. If something goes wrong with the equipment, what is the backup plan?
  9. Make sure the entertainers you choose are experienced and respected in the wedding circuit.
  10. Take time to see the DJ or band perform live.
  11. Ask about their attire to see if it is appropriate for the formal or informal impression you desire at your wedding.
  12. Meet with the DJ or band in advance of the wedding to decide the specific details for your big day.
  13. Find out what the DJ or band will need from you for their setup. Keep them close to the dance floor so the guests will stay engaged.
  14. Ask how long it will take to set up, do a soundcheck, and review the itinerary before the guests arrive.
  15. Get a written contract that itemizes all the crucial details.
  16. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your talent.

At Molto Bella we love seeing our couples’ different personalities come out in their music choices. I hope this list helps you get ready to pick out a DJ or Band that will bring out your personalities!