Every wedding will have something go wrong at the last minute. Don’t worry. Your guests probably won’t even notice, and there always seems to be someone in the wedding party/family or a wedding planner/trusted friend that will help you find a solution.

An experienced wedding planner can take care of all the crucial details on the day of the wedding and won’t panic when surprises arise. If not a wedding planner, choose a trusted, even-tempered friend that can handle situations on your behalf that occur on your wedding day. Your job is to relax and enjoy this big day that you have worked so hard to bring together. More than likely, the mishaps will turn into great stories for years to come.

Real Wedding Mishaps From Our Family

Anne and her bridesmaids had to come down a steep staircase. It was a beautiful entrance. But to ensure none of them tripped or fell, the groomsmen stood at the foot of the stairs and handed them their flowers as they then proceeded to walk to the altar. When the bride came down, her dad was waiting for her, ready to give her the bridal bouquet. They were both nervous, and he forgot to hand off the flowers to her. Neither were aware. So, Dad held the bouquet as they walked down the aisle instead of the bride. This made a priceless story (and great pictures) that has been shared many times over the years.

Allison wanted her two nieces, Kaida- 3 years old and Annabelle-2 years old, to be her flower girls. They were adorable in their little pink dresses, even though Annabelle’s did not survive the night. As it was time for the girls to walk out in front of the bride, one of the wedding helpers offered the girls a small mint thereby sending Annabelle into a meltdown at the beginning of the runway. The helper didn’t understand Annabelle only wanted to open the candy herself. Finally, Annabelle calmed down, everyone had a good laugh, and the wedding was a success.

Louise and her fiancé were approximately the same height, but she did not want to appear taller in the wedding photos. She opted to wear 

What could go wrong at a wedding

white socks that would be hidden by her long dress instead of wearing heels. The flower girl was given a basket of flowers to hold and pieces of ribbons to throw on the runway as she proceeded the bride. The 3-year-old flower girl misunderstood and pulled the basket arrangement of flowers apart one by one, leaving flowers attached to pointed metal holders on the path as the bride, oblivious to the dangers lying ahead of her, followed behind. The wedding planner, unable to do anything, held her breath as she watched the action go down. Luckily, Louise made it to the altar avoiding all the risks of stepping on the metal points with her unprotected feet.

Other Wedding Stories Gone Wrong

The stories above are from our own family. Each wedding was beautiful, and the ‘mishaps’ were great additions to the memories made. A quick search on Google reveals numerous other stories of Weddings Gone Wrong. One said, “At my parent’s wedding, the priest started with, ‘We are gathered at this funeral today…’ (I love that) A friend once shared that while posing for a picture of her putting on makeup, she accidentally turned and put red lipstick all across the sleeve of her dress just minutes before going down the aisle. Fortunately, a quick pleat and tuck fixed the problem!

The moral of all of these stories … relax and enjoy your special day!