Have you considered hiring a String Trio or a String Quartet to perform for your wedding ceremony? String quartets/trios bring an elegant and romantic atmosphere to your celebration. Professional trios/quartets can blend your music selections seamlessly, avoiding a jarring stopping and starting of the music that ruins the mood and tone of the ceremony. The volume is always perfect, and the music works for all ages. Set up is minimal, and no electricity is needed.

Take a look at some of the more popular combinations for a Wedding String Trio and Wedding String Quartet:

Flute, Violin, and Cello: I know, the flute is not a stringed instrument; however, this is the most popular combination of instruments for a Wedding String Trio! With this being the most popular combination, most wedding trio music arrangements are written for the combination of these three instruments. Together, with the flute adding a bright, elegant sound, the violin adding treble, and the cello adding bass, these three instruments combine to create exquisite music.

2 Violins and a Cello: Another type of Wedding String Trio consists of 2 violins and a cello. This combination provides a more vibrant blend of pure strings.

Two Violins, a Viola, and a Cello: This combination of instruments creates a Wedding String Quartet. Together, composers considered them to be the perfect combination. Together they create a more luxurious and fuller feel.

Whether you know a lot or a little about the music selections, your taste is an essential factor in deciding your playlist. What kind of mood are you trying to set for your ceremony? It can be joyous and uplifting; quiet and thoughtful; grand and majestic; or a combination.

How your special day proceeds is up to you! Do you what the trio/quartet to play prelude music as the guests are seated? Or do you want the music to be cued at the entrance of the bridesmaids? The music can begin before the men taking their places, or the music can also be reserved for the bride as she presents and then enters. It’s up to you!

Not only are stringed trios/quartets an incredible presence at your ceremony, but many also enjoy them at their receptions. They provide an elegance to the entire event.

An excellent place to start looking for your trio or quartet would be the music department of a local college or university or make inquiries of local or nearby community orchestras or symphonies.

I hope I got you thinking about all the elegant and memorable possibilities a String Trio or Quartet can bring to your special occasion!