The world is advancing farther and farther by technology. When it comes to weddings, with today’s technology savviness, wedding planning has soared to a whole new creative level.

One area technology comes into play are wedding websites. To get us started, let me enlighten you on the gist of a wedding website. In a nutshell, a wedding website can be a single page or multiple web-pages that includes information about your wedding. It keeps your wedding guests informed by using today’s technology. Many items can be included on the wedding websites, and the sites come in many different formats.

Before we dive into the information included on your wedding website, let us first answer the question, “Do you need a wedding website?” Below are pros and cons to help you decide if a wedding website is for you.

Wedding Website: Pros

  • Lost Invitations: Your guests may lose your wedding invitation, and in turn, they will lose all of the information that comes with it: date, time, location, etc. A wedding website will house that vital information for your guests.
  • Keep Guests Updated: Life happens, and things change. If your ceremony time changes, or if there is a last-minute venue change, your wedding website can get the word out quickly.
  • FAQ Page: You don’t need your guests bombarding you with dozens of questions right before the big day. A FAQ page will be your life saver by directing your guests to your website to find the answers they need.
  • Easy RSVPing: Online RSVPing is easier for both you and your guests. With a few simple clicks from your guests, you will get their responses in seconds.
  • Details & Photos: A website will allow you to include information that won’t be on your invitation, and you can even show off your engagement photos by creating a gallery page!

Wedding Website: Cons

I have researched and researched and have found minimal “cons” to having a wedding website. If you are worried about additional costs, there are superb free wedding website options available. Think of your wedding website as your helper, working as an information hub for your guests.

What Information to Include

We have made it to the next vital questions, “What information should be included on the website?” Naturally, you need to include the necessary information from your invitations, such as names, dates, time, and location, but you can add so much more.

Here is additional information that can be included on your website (this is where having a wedding website becomes fun!)

  • RSVPing: As mentioned above, online RSVPing is easy, with only a few simple clicks.
  • Map of Location: Even if your venue is easy to find, including a map will help erase any worries of guests getting lost.
  • Registry Information: Proper wedding etiquette states that registry information should not be placed on invitations or save-the-dates. However, your wedding websites are the perfect place for registry information.
  • Dress Code: Casual, black-tie, warm weather, cold weather, outdoors, indoors? Let your guests know. You can even suggest shoe wear, especially if the venue is outdoors. However, don’t dictate. Instead, inform your guests and let them make their own decision.
  • Background Information: With your wedding website, you can include your “How We Met” story, your engagement story, and can even give bios on the members of the wedding party.
  • Social Media Hashtags & Photo Sharing: Let your guests know if you are using a photo-sharing app or if you are using a hashtag. On the other hand, if you are going for an “Unplugged” wedding, this is the perfect place to inform your guests.
  • Engagement Photos: Most of the time, you may only get to show off a few of your engagement photos. On wedding websites, you can include a gallery page of your engagement photos.

I’ve only scratched the service with what can be included! A wedding website can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Check out some of the more popular wedding website options:

Enjoy your big day!

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