Wedding planning can be an incredibly exciting journey, especially when choosing the perfect venue to host your big day. Finding the right venue is crucial, as most wedding planning centers around the venue. With so many stunning venues, how do you ensure yours stands out? We believe that an indoor and outdoor wedding venue combination is essential, and here is why:


Many venues are either indoor or outdoor. If you choose a venue that specializes as an outdoor venue, the weather can be a big guessing game. Some outdoor venues may have small indoor accommodations, however, they commonly don’t have enough space to house your guests. Additionally, outdoor venues usually do not provide tents and require an extra fee for a plain white tent. Tents may have to be put on reserve at rental companies, and they can often start as high as $400. Molto Bella takes the worry out. 

With an indoor and outdoor wedding venue like Molto Bella, you can plan your celebration with peace of mind that there will be no weather-related roadblocks. We have a beautiful and spacious indoor space to accommodate all your guests in case of inclement weather, as well as an expansive outdoor area perfect for creating the ambiance of your dreams. 

More Dynamic Experience

In addition to providing a safe haven for any potential weather-related issues, an indoor and outdoor wedding venue also creates a more dynamic experience for your guests. There’s a beautiful balance between moving freely indoors and outdoors, allowing for more variety and activities. Host a ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors, followed by dinner and dancing indoors with plenty of space to mingle. With a variety of spaces and activities to take part in, your guests are sure to enjoy their evening. 

Multiple Areas to Fit Your Specific Style

An indoor and outdoor wedding venue offers a variety of spaces, from serene gardens to the exposed brick interior. With so many areas, you can customize your celebration to fit your specific style without worrying about finding multiple venues. Molto Bella has various ceremony sites, cocktail hour locations, and reception spaces for you to choose from so you can ensure your wedding is just the way you imagined.

Ultimately, an indoor and outdoor wedding venue provides a unique experience for your guests that cannot be found in venues with only one space. The versatility of Molto Bella allows couples to plan a truly special day that accommodates all types of weather and captures the style and essence of their relationship. Ultimately, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for you and your guests to enjoy!

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