Are you looking to have a wedding website? Wedding websites are an excellent way to use today’s technology to keep your guests informed.

We previously wrote a blog helping you decide what info to include on a wedding website (you can read it here). We are now going to help you even more by focusing on what online platforms are available to build your wedding website.

Before we get to “where” to host a site, here is a quick recap of the pros of having a wedding website:

  • Lost Invitations: If a guest loses their invitation, a website will allow them to easily look at the details regarding your “Big Day.”
  • Keep Guests Updated: Under the circumstances of a time change or venue change, a website will get the word out quickly.
  • FAQ Page: A FAQ page will direct your guests to your website to find the answers they need.
  • Easy RSVPing: Online RSVPing is simple and quick for both you and your guests.

After determining what information you want to be hosted on your wedding website, the more pressing step is determining where to build your wedding website. Thankfully, there are multiple options.

Wedding Website Platforms

The Knot

Price: Free or $20 for a custom domain.

The Knot offers a wedding website service that is free and easy to use. You have the availability to select a template from over 160 layouts, and the websites are equipped to automatically sync with your retail registries and are created to manage and track RSVPs. Other perks include a dashboard that finds hotels near your venue, giving you information on discounted room blocks, and instant messaging from the app to guest’s text or email.

Wedding Wire

Price: Free or $12.99 for a custom domain.

Wedding Websites through Wedding Wire offer a custom background photo template. While their templates are simple and more on the plain side, they do offer many perks. They automatically integrate with digital planning tools, and their website will recommend nearby hotels and allow you to book room blocks.


Price: Free or $10 a month for premium.

Websites through Wix offer an easy to use photo uploader, modern layouts, and easy customization. The free version of Wix will have a “Wix” banner at the top of the website, however, for $10 a month, the premium version will include a custom domain and no “Wix” banner.

Wix’s websites are geared more towards company websites; therefore, they won’t include features such as guest list and registry integration.


Price: Free.

Joy offers incredible perks for free. They have a “moments” timeline, where guests can upload photos and comments. Along with this, you can stream your wedding on a real-time slideshow. Digital save-the-dates, digital invitations, online RSVPs, and hotel info are all offered. Multiple templates and layouts are available to customize with your photos and colors.

When it comes to weddings, with today’s technology savviness, wedding planning has soared to a whole new creative level. Hopefully, these wedding website options help you dive into that savviness and help your wedding planning soar!

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