Fall 2020 Wedding Season is right around the corner! With the upcoming season comes a multitude of wedding decoration and wedding color trends, and today I am excited to highlight a few.

Fall Color Combos of 2020

Resource: ColorsBridesMaid

The cooler temperatures of Fall bring warmer wedding colors . . . but that doesn’t mean you must stick to traditional overdone shades. Take a look at these unique Fall colors to go with your unique style:

  • Black & Burgundy: Black bridesmaid dresses, burgundy bouquets, and even add in gold accents to make a chic statement.
  • Burnt Orange & Green: Leaning towards a rustic outdoor style wedding? Burnt Orange bridesmaids’ dresses with green floral accents will bring a nature vibe to your wedding.
  • Dusty Rose & Navy: Dusty rose is becoming increasingly popular, and paired with navy, they combine to make a powerful statement. Dusty rose offers a multitude of different shades, have fun with mix-matched dresses.
  • Maroon & Purple: These colors paired together bring a deep warmth of richness and elegance. They also play well with other hues by being able to combine with gold and silver accents.
  • Purple & Gold: Ooh, I love this combination! Together these colors create a royal, elegant atmosphere. Grey or silver also pairs nicely with this duo.
  • Navy & Yellow: Yellow brings a brightened atmosphere, and when paired with navy, they are a perfect combination for a rustic or country wedding. Sunflowers are a fun bouquet option for this color combo.

Floral Trends 2020

Resource: Elegant Wedding Invites

Fall floral options are one of my favorites. Take a look at some of the different trends for 2020:

  • Dark Earthy Flowers: Especially with a darker color pallet, dark earthy flowers are a rich, chic accent. Ask your florist for suggestions to match your style.
  • Dried Flowers: With rustic, chic, or country weddings, dried flowers are a fantastic option.
  • Greenery: Greenery is a growing trend, and couples are replacing their flowers with greenery plants. I, for one, love this new unique trend, moving away from the more traditional options.

Dessert Trends

  • Pies: At least for me, the Fall screams pies! Pies are becoming more popular, and a bonus, by choosing in-season fruit pies, costs can come in at nearly 15 percent less than traditional cakes.
  • Doughnuts: Doughnuts are being labeled the ‘new cupcakes.’ They provide a variety of flavor options for your guests to choose from.
  • Dessert Bars: Anything is possible with a dessert table. Candy bars, ice cream bars, brownie bars, even a s’more station are all possible!

We at Molto Bella Weddings and Events love to see the multitude of different styles and uniqueness each couple brings to our venue. We hope this list helps you in your wedding planning and wish you a blessed joy-filled marriage!