Let’s dive into the deep waters of wedding planning . . . and don’t worry, going into the deep end doesn’t mean drowning, with the correct floatation device of an efficient and effective planning checklist, it can be a joyful ride!

First off, create a timeline, and tackle each checklist item one at a time. Below I’ll be providing checklists for you to use in the wedding planning process, and it’s best to get an overview of what needs to be done, then set out a timeline. The timeline will depend upon how close the wedding date is approaching. With a year timeline, set out finishing a list of tasks each month, or with a closer wedding date of only a few months, tackle a list of tasks each week.

Most importantly, don’t stress yourself out by bearing the load alone. Delegation should become your favorite word. Involve your family, friends, cousins, or aunts, and make it a team effort!

Okay . . . now lets dive in!


Happy engagement! While the engagement festivities are separate from your big day, we’ve still got you covered, here are engagement checklists to help you get started: Engagement Calendar, Engagement Shots, Newspaper Engagement Template.


Choosing the perfect venue for your important event is one of the most critical decisions you’ll be making. The location has a direct effect on everything else. The number of guests, flower type, or even the color palette depends on the venue.

Explore your options, and consider the budget, style, and number of guests while shopping. Here you kind find a Venue Comparison Checklist to help your decision making. If you’re looking for an indoor-outdoor gorgeous venue in Calhoun, Louisiana, Molto Bella Weddings may be the perfect chose – hint, hint, wink, wink. ; )

Once you determine the venue, the other puzzle pieces will begin to fall into place.

Ceremony and Reception

Much planning will go into your Ceremony and Reception details. For the ceremony, you will be determining the officiants, photographer, if you’ll be having live music, and much more. Here are checklists to help the process of planning: Ceremony, Ceremony Budget, Ceremony Program, Flowers, Photography, Photography Shots, Vows, Videography

Much more details will go into your reception, from desserts and food, to toasts. Here are checklists to get the ball rolling: Cake, Catering, Drinks List, Reception, Reception Budget, Rehearsal Dinner, Seating Arrangement, Table Assignments, Toast Ideas, Toasts

Much More . . .

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Below is the full list of planning checklists including the few I’ve mentioned above, along with a multitude of others from apparel to decorations.








Wedding Planning Guide

Need more help with your planning? Follow this link, and fill out a form to get a downloadable link to a Free Wedding Planning Guide. This guide is 102 pages that will help you with budget, catering, invitations, RSVP lists, seating arrangements, photographer, and so much more.

Happy planning, and blessings on your future marriage from us at Molto Bella Weddings and Event Venue!